Company Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of M30 Goalie are to promote active and healthy lifestyles, while empowering, educating, and encouraging Indigenous youth in First Nations Communities. On top of supporting Mariko’s hockey journey, the brand hopes to inspire others in a similar position to continue pursuing their goals.


To empower, educate, and encourage Indigenous youth to stay active and purse their dreams.


To create opportunities for Indigenous Youth through the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles.


History behind the M30 Goalie Brand

The journey to the M30 Goalie clothing brand began when Mariko was accepted into the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, a Canadian boarding school, to take part in their hockey development program. The Notre Dame Hockey Program is recognized as one of Canada’s leading hockey development programs and is an excellent opportunity for Mariko as he pursues his dreams of becoming an NHL goalie. As Mariko is part of a large family, with 8 siblings, the family found a creative way to raise tuition fees for him to continue pursuing his dreams. In order to raise tuition fees and support Mariko as he lives away from home, the family decided to begin selling their very own clothing branded with a logo inspired by Mariko’s lifestyle.

Mariko worked on choosing his very own logo that has a true meaning to it. Every part of the logo symbolizes his most authentic self. The feather represents Mariko’s roots as an Indigenous youth. As he was born and raised in two First Nations, Mosahikaken and Opaskwayak Cree Nation, he is a proud Swampy Cree Member. The feather is a reminder of how hard his ancestors have fought to be able to give him this chance to be where he is today. He wants to be a role model for many young Indigenous hockey goalies. The letter ‘Mrepresents his name, Mariko. As a young boy who kept choosing to fight through the obstacles that have come his way as a young goalie. The number 30 represents his hometown hockey team, The Pas Huskies. This hockey organization who went beyond to get him to where he is today. The word Goalie Is for all the people who have supported him throughout the years; coaches, family, and friends, who seen the potential in him as a goaltender, whether it was when he had his downfalls or during his best highlights as a young goalie.

Mariko's ultimate goal this year is to gain more experience, to improve more as a goaltender, and to share his knowledge with other young goalies in Northern Manitoba. Together, all aspects come together as part of a brand that will help others identify with Mariko, his passion for hockey, and love for his family, and his Indigenous community.